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What is Kiiper?

Kiiper is a cloud-based software designed to systematize routines related to finances in the US and LATAM and taxes in LATAM; that seamlessly integrates with Xero software for reducing manual processing & analysis and promoting SMBs financial health.

What is Kiiper Banking?

Kiiper Banking is an automated bank statements conversion solution that helps admin & accounting teams accurately extract transactions from editable bank statements, so that a .csv file can be downloaded and manually imported from Xero. This is convenient when bank feeds are neither, available or connected.

How do I access my Kiiper account?

Kiiper is a cloud-based software that requires internet connection in order to get access to. Kiiper can be accessed at any time, from every where and any device. Type www.kiiper.app/login and access your Kiiper account using the same credentials and process to access your Xero subscriptions. Once a Xero organization is accessed for the first time through your Kiiper account, it stays synchronized and its data can be accessed as needed.

What information is handled by Kiiper?

Kiiper manages organizations’ bank accounts information through two main inputs, bank transactions from converted bank statements and bank accounts information from your Xero's subscription (Bank statements transactions, reconciliation report and bank accounts’ ending balance).

What is Kiiper Banking's dashboard for?

Kiiper Banking dashboard allows you to monitor all your organizations’ bank accounts status in a one-page view. You can also group organizations, so that bank reconciliation can be tracked by location or account manager to measure your team's performance.

The dashboard shows three main bank accounts information:

Bank transaction, is the latest bank transaction in Xero and alerts when no movements have been imported in certain days, so you can check if bank feeds have been disconnected or if bank transactions need to be manually imported.

Items to be reconciled, are the number of items, their amount and for how long they have been pending transactions.

Bank balance match, is the verification between bank account’s ending balance from bank statements and Xero.

How long does it take to convert a bank statement?

We have pre-trained Kiiper for converting the most common bank statements formats. However, when you requiere that Kiiper converts a new format, our delivery time is up to 24 business hours.

What data is extracted from Bank Statements?

Kiiper extracts company name, bank statement end-period date, ending balance and bank transactions’ date, description and amount.

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