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  1. Policy. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) sets the information Kiiper will collect from customer as well from as all users in their use of Kiiper (“Customer” or “Customer”). The Privacy Policy further outlines the treatment deferred to the collectible information, processing, use, protection, sharing or disclosure and Customer’s rights in Kiiper’s treatment and processing of the data and/or information. The Privacy Policy will be under and along with Kiiper’s Terms and Condition of Service (“Terms”) as well as the governing law set forth in Section 12 hereto.

  2. Consent. By signing up to Kiiper, Customer shall execute an acceptance of this Privacy Policy in the form set forth under Section I(3) of the Terms. By providing its acceptance to the Privacy Policy, Customer provides its consent, to the fullest extent permitted by the governing law hereto, so Kiiper may collect, store, use, treat, process, protect and, where applicable, share and disclose Customer’s collectible data and information under Section 3 hereto. Customer’s consent is fully revocable, subject to Section 8 of this Privacy Policy.

  3. Collectible Data; Sources. Kiiper will collect any and all of Customer’s information and data that introduces, uploads or downloads in any way into Kiiper, such as bank statements, bank account information, ending balances, transactions history and records, interactions and information from users, email addresses, passwords, and generally any information generated, introduced, uploaded, used or otherwise by Customer (“Data”). Kiiper will collect the Data from several sources that include, without limitation: (i) Customer itself, through its use of Kiiper’s products and benefits; (ii) from its products and benefits automatically, based on Customer’s interaction with, and use of, Kiiper’s products and benefits, such as IP address, device type, email addresses and passwords; (ii) third parties with which Kiiper maintains marketing, research and other kinds of relationships and partnerships that are in possession of any of Customer’s Data subject to lawful disclosure pursuant to any legal instrument executed by Customer, and; (iv) cookies, tracking, web beacons, links and similar devices of automatic collection of Data within Kiiper.

  4. Collecting Entities. Pursuant to Section 2 of the Terms, Customer fully consents and authorizes Kiiper, Inc., a Delaware corporation, to collect, store, use, treat, process, protect and, where applicable, share and disclose Customer’s Data (“Company”).

  5. Use of Data. Pursuant to the license granted and set forth under Section XI(5) of the Terms, Customer agrees that Kiiper and Company will collect, store, use, treat, process, protect and, where applicable, share and disclose Customer’s Data mainly to enhance Customer’s experience in its use of Kiiper and maximize the value that Customer will derive from Kiiper’s products and benefits. Customer hereby permits Kiiper to collect, store, use, treat, process, protect and, where applicable, share and disclose Customer’s Data to: (i) communicate with Customer, by providing it with information about its Subscription as well as operational, marketing, feedback, security and functionality- related communications through various channels that include, without limitation, emails and in-app messages and notifications; (ii) enhance Kiiper’s products and benefits; (iii) protect Customer in its use of Kiiper by detecting, preventing and addressing fraudulent or malicious activity; (iv) provide Customer with marketing, purchases and advertising information, and; (v) produce analytical and statistic reports about Kiiper’s use by every customer and user on the app, which may be shared publicly or with third parties.

  6. Security of Data. Without prejudice to all applicable security Sections in the Terms and the obligations and responsibilities bestowed upon Customer and Kiiper, Kiiper will ensure the safety of Customer’s Data by storing it in secure servers that provide for encryption and backups of said Data. In furtherance of the security commitments undertaken by Kiiper, with respect to Customer’s Data, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Kiiper may share the Data with third-party transferred to, and processed in, countries other than Customer’s territory, which may have applicable laws that differ from that set forth under Section 12 hereto.

  7. Sharing of Data. Kiiper may share and sale Customer’s Data with third parties that may include, without limitation, Company’s entities and subsidiaries, business partners, contractors, subcontractors, integrated third-party platforms under Section X of the Terms, government entities, courts of law, law enforcement bodies, regulators, among others. Kiiper’s disclosure of Customer’s Data is subject to the parameters of use set forth in Section 5 hereto or to mandatory disclosure under Section XI(7) of the Terms.

  8. Customer’s Rights. Customer’s rights under this Privacy Policy are: (i) right to know the Data held by Kiiper from it; (ii) right to revise and update the Data; (iii) right to request electronic copies of the Data held and stored by Kiiper; (iv) right to restrict, object to or delete any Data, subject to potential limitations in Customer’s use of Kiiper associated with Customer’s decision; (v) right to opt out of marketing communications, subject to Kiiper Privacy Policy 3 potential limitations and loss of opportunities in Customer’s use of Kiiper associated with Customer’s decision; (vi) a transfer of Customer’s Data (i.e., Data portability), and (vii) generally, any personal data rights afforded under Section 12D-104 of the Delaware Personal Data Privacy Act and other applicable laws under Section 6 hereto.

  9. Links to Third Party Sites. As part of its use of Kiiper, Customer may be directed, redirected or encourage to visit links to and from the websites, applications and/or sites of Kiiper’s business partners, including the integrated third-party platforms referenced in Section X of the Terms. Should Customer follow said links, Customer shall be held fully responsible for compliance with, or performance of obligations that arise out from, the terms and policies of any visited websites, applications and/or sites at no liability for Kiiper and Company.

  10. Blog. In its use of Kiiper, Customer may visit and publish comments in posts on Kiiper’s Blog, which is a community site with useful information publicly available to all customers and users of Kiiper. Customer acknowledges that any of its Data that Customer elects to publish in any way on Kiiper’s Blog is publicly viewable by other customers and subject to reproduction. Customer shall not engage in published interactions posted to the Blog involving its Data if it does not wish the former to be posted or distributed in this manner.

  11. Modifications. At any time, Kiiper and Company may produce modifications, revisions and amendments to this Privacy Policy, which will be readily made available to Customer through notices served in accordance with Section XVI(3) of the Terms.

  12. Governing Law. Without prejudice to Section 6 hereto, the validity, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware, and specifically the Delaware Personal Privacy Act in harmonious construction and interpretation with the laws governing the Terms