How does Kiiper integrate with Xero?

Kiiper Banking only receives information from Xero, it will never send any back to it. Kiiper Banking displays all of your organizations, bank reconciliations and balance information from Xero; it will also bring all the bank accounts of your chart of accounts; this will allow you to configure them in Kiiper Banking and convert their bank statements.

Setting up Xero

  1. Click the following link to access Kiiper Banking:
  1. To access the application, click the button “Connect to Xero”, this leads you to the Xero login page, where you must log in to your Xero account.
  1. If the log in succeeded, you will be prompted to the authorization page, where you must select the organization from Xero that you want to access in Kiiper; you can type on the search bar the name of the organization or group and select it from the dropdown list. The page will specify you all the information that Kiiper will get from Xero. After selecting the organization, click the “Allow access” button.

NOTE: The first time you log in to Kiiper, the Control Panel will not display any information, you will have to add all the bank accounts that you have registered in Xero to be able to see the information related to them in Kiiper.

What can I do in Kiiper Banking?

To add a bank account to your organization in Kiiper, you must:

  1. Select the organization that you would like to add the bank account to.
  2. Go to the Settings page and choose the bank verification option.
  1. There, you have to enter the following information to add the bank account:

Once added, you can see on the bottom of the page the information regarding the bank accounts that you already registered.

You can edit the information of a bank account and adjust the associated bank, mode and frequency of importing, if you click the pencil icon; although, you can’t change the Xero account.

You can add as many bank accounts in Kiiper as you need, just remember that they should be registered in your chart of accounts in Xero.

NOTE: If you’re entering Kiiper Banking for the first time, the Dashboard will be empty because you won’t have any registered bank accounts in Kiiper. To change this, follow the described procedure and this will let you access the information of the bank accounts you added.

Kiiper gets the following information from Xero:

  1. Chart of accounts: Kiiper identifies the bank accounts registered in Xero to allow you to add additional bank information to convert bank statements and monitor bank reconciliation status.
  2. Tracking categories: with this information, Kiiper will know that your organization is working as a Firm and that it has child companies. This will allow you to access each organization and their bank accounts’ information.
  3. Bank statements, Bank transactions, Batch payments and payments: Kiiper determines the reconciliation status of each bank account.

NOTE: Kiiper doesn’t send any information back to Xero.

Once you’ve added all the bank accounts that you want to manage in Kiiper, you can access the following information of each bank account in the organization’s dashboard:

  1. Xero bank statements, indicates the latest bank transaction uploaded in Xero for each bank account. If the bank account has a manual import mode, Kiiper has a feature that allows you to convert bank statements into .csv format, in order to upload them to bank accounts in Xero. For converting bank statements in Kiiper all you must do is:
  1. Bank reconciliation, shows the items to be reconciled for the selected bank account. If you want a more detailed information of this section, you must:
  1. Bank ending balance, shows if bank ending balance in bank statements matches with bank ending balance in Xero. The bank ending balance verification card, allows you to compare both balances for a certain period. To do this you must:

Kiiper compares the entered balance (bank statement) with the one in Xero and notifies you if both balances match or not.

Disconnecting from Xero/Kiiper

  1. You can disconnect from Xero and Kiiper at any time by clicking the avatar icon, and then selecting the “Disconnect from Xero” option.
  1. If you wish to access another organization with Kiiper, you will have to log out and access the desired organization instead.